Vattenfall Distribution AB

Vattenfall Distribution AB

The purpose of the assignment was to explain what the customers pay for when they pay the electricity network fee. The electricity grid price is somewhat diffuse and is often confused with the electricity price. Electricity companies can switch, but not electricity grids – the electricity grid is a natural geographical monopoly. The target group here was thus people living within a certain geographical area that the electricity grid covers. In general, the customer felt that the knowledge about this was low, so they needed to explain in a clear and simple way.

The delivery of electricity is often taken for granted. The purpose of the electricity grid fee is to guarantee a delivery security of 98-99%, 24 hours a day – an important function for society, as many parts of it and our lives depend on it. In order to do that, the grid must be maintained, everything must be measured, the technology needs to be renewed etc. 100’s of projects every day are manned and monitored around the clock. It costs a lot of money – hence the electricity network fee.

Our input was to show and explain the role of the electricity grid in society and thus what the customer pays for when they pay the electricity grid fee.

From text to sketch to finished illustration

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