Circular economy

Circular economy

The assignment was commissioned by Avfall Sverige, Energigas Sverige, Svenskt Vatten and Energiföretagen. All clients are industry organizations whose industries operate within the framework known as circular economics. The purpose of the film production was to explain how each of the clients respective area of ​​operation is linked to the other’s area and show how each sub-area becomes a circular whole.

The target group for the project was the public rather than opinion makers. We targeted a general citizen’s perspective – an environmentally conscious citizen who is committed to sorting their waste. Most people do not know how everything is connected, so the film was fairly basic in terms of knowledge.

The goal was for this to serve as a general input in many contexts where the topic is addressed. Explaining the constituents (which the industries make up) that in themselves may not, necessarily, be impressive, but that together they create a fantastic product. Furthermore, the idea was for the industry members to use the film; the more people sharing it, the better.

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