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Turn the complex into something simple and distinguish yourself from the crowd with an animated explainer video.

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Accessible communication

Focusing on the essence of what you want to communicate in a way that appeals to your target audience is part and parcel of our creative process.

Our creative team consists of more than 15 experts with different areas of expertise. From our project managers to our art director, exclusively contracted animators, copywriters, and sound technicians.

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Anton Ewetz

Project Manager and CEO

We are facing a shift in how information is being communicated in digital media. The future of communications and marketing is in explainer videos.


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We get to the core of what you want to communicate and package it in a comprehensible and appealing way. Before the animation, illustration and script writing processes we always make sure we have a holistic understanding of what it is you want to communicate. This is an extensive process, but we never settle for anything less.

In addition to animation, illustration and script, we therefore spend a lot of time and resources on understanding exactly what you want to convey.

It is a huge basic work. But we never settle for anything else.

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Finfa (A part of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise)

Finfa is the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise unit for information on collectively agreed insurance policies. In 2018, we, in close collaboration with Finfa's communications group, created a series of explanatory videos explaining specific insurance events. We did so in order to show the let the employer know what to do and how to handle the insurance in different situations.

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